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  • Thermomechanical part
Process Control RoomThe characteristics of the main equipment are similar for the six units. The boilers are of duplex type; the turbines are able to supply abt. 5x50 Gcal/h and 1x120 Gcal & h steam for heating.
Deaeration installations, coal mills and air and gases recirculation fans are located in the boilers hall. The flue gas and air fans as well as the electrical filters are located outside.
The cooling-reducing stations, Redler belts (+21,00m level) and coal conveyors for bunkers supply (+37,80m level) are located in bunkers building.
Thermomechanical schemeThe operation platform for boilers and turbines are located at +9,00m levels. The turbo-units are transversally located  while the boilers are coaxial located toward the turbounits.

The fuel pumps are installed at 0,00m level and the polishing plant is located on a platform at 6,00m level. The activities the machines hall are ensured by the two traveling cranes of 1/0,2 MW (100/20 tf). Flue gases exhaustion is done by means of one stack 220m height for each unit. The thermal diagram is designed and accomplished as block system for steam; feed water and condensate.
  • Electrical part
Electric Substation Control RoomThe plant is provided with uses three electrical substations of 110 220 and 400 kV voltages. The generators are connected to the 220 kV substation bus bars in a generator-transformer block arrangement. The connections between the bus bars of the three substations are ensured by means of autotransformers of 400MVA between 400 and 220kV and of 200MVA between 220 arid 110 kV.

The generators operate with insulated neutral at a voltage of 15,75kV. The connections of the main transformer to the unit transformer are ensured by means of enclosed bus-bars. The main transformers and the unit transformers operate with the 220 kV neutral insulated of earth connected by means of a disconnecting switch.
Each boiler-turbine unit is equipped with auxiliary services substations supplied by 25 MVA transformer.
The stand-by supply is ensured from the bus-bars of the general services substations by means of automatic stand-by reclosing.
  • Hydrotechnical part
Turbine HallThe industrial water supply source is Mures river whose runway has been improved by the accomplishment of a excavated channel of 640m length. On this channel an overflow dam has been build to maintain a constant water level of 5m.
The water intake is dimensioned to catch a flow of 60 m3/s corresponding to the water requirements for 8 turbounits of 210 MW. The plant's cooling system is combined: the water flow of Mures river ensures partially units cooling requirements. The strainers building is provided with 12 rotating strainers out of which 8 frontal plane sifters and 4 drum sifters with lateral inlet.
The pumps stations include 12 vertical pumps. A micro hydro power plant operates on the power plant hot water discharge side to partially recuperate power from water circuit. The cooling towers of natural draught type having each a capacity of 14000 m3/h are also included.

  • Civil works and architectural part
Electrical Control Room
The main building is consisting of boiler hall, bunkers building  and machines hall with 6m bays. The heights (at cornice level) are 52m for boilers hall, 46m for bunkers building and 30,5m for machines hall. The strength frame of boilers hall is performed with reinforced concrete independent towers embedded at where lower part and circulated at their upper with roof frames.

The strength structure of bunkers building consists off monolith reinforced concrete.
Machines HallThe machine hall is closed up two +9,00m level by means of reinforced concrete sliding walls and up two cornices by means of front panels and prefabricated windows made of reinforced concrete.
The strength structure of the machine hall consists of concrete tower embedded in foundation and articulated at their upper part.

The three stacks of 220m heights have the form of double truncated cone with the diameter of 7m at the top and 29m at the base.

The following companies and institutions enter prices pertaining to the former Ministry of Electrical Energy cooperated in order to accomplish these power objective:
  • Institute off Power Studies and Design (ISPE);
  • "Energoconstructia" Enterprise (at present Energoconstrucþia S.A)
  • "Energomontaj" Enterprise (at present Energomontaj S.A)
  • Power Installations Modernization Enterprise  IRME (at present ICEMENERG)
Main building plan
    Main building transversal



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