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  • Location and general layout

The location includes the precinct having a surface of 31ha and two fuel storage's each of 100 ha summing 231 ha. The local conditions of the site imposed the utilization of a narrow precinct. The front of the main building is parallel to the Mures river providing a short and direct cooling water circuit. The same location for 110, 220 and 400 kV outdoor substations which are placed inline with the main building.

The coal storage is placed on a front parallel to the main building served by the railways system.
Other installations are interposed between those previously described. The connection to the traffic networks are performed by means of connections to the railway Bucureºti - Arad in Mintia station as well, as to the national highway Bucuresti -Deva - Arad.

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  • Centralized control

The centralized control is performed through several specialized control rooms: one technical control room for each unit of two blocks; one central control room; one electrical control room for  110, 220 and 400 kV substation; one control room for fuel handling plant; one control room for water chemical treatment installations; one hydrotechnical control room.

The designs for automation and controls have been designed in cooperation with MOTEP Institute (Soviet Union) for the first four units while those for the last units there have been designed by the Romanian design institutes. The equipments of the plant represent the technical level of the time they were designed. The adequate results obtained during operation led to high availability degrees.



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