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  • Deva Thermal Power Plant  Role and Position within National Power System

vedere generalaSince the first commissioning Mintia  Deva Power Plant has delivered 194 TWh of the electricity demand in Romania and has consumed over 110 million metric tons of coal.

The high availability of Mintia Power Plant 210 MW generating units proved the constant concern and dedication of the entire staff in increasing the operational safety and efficiency.

The power generation national strategy provides for Mintia Power Plant an ample modernization and rehabilitation program for the generating units and their auxiliary systems, that would enable prolonging the operation life and increasing the operational safety and efficiency as well as complying with the environmental requirements.

  • Ash and slag storage and discharge

The ash and slag discharged by the plant during on year is of abt 1 million metric tons. For this purposes two storage (one located in the main channel of Mureº river on the right bank covering a surface of abt. 70ha and one located in the place named Valea Bejan Târnãvita at abt. 4 km from the plant covering a surface of abt. 130ha) are used.

Ash and slag are picked-up hydraulically transported into a mixture of abt. 10 parts water and on part solid. At present the plant is equipped with the following installations: one station with four Bagger pumps with the characteristics Q=1085m3/h and P=765kPa and another station operating in series with the first one also including four Bagger pumps of 1085m3/h and 785kPa. These two stations ensure ash and slag discharge from the first three units at a total height of H=160m H2O.

The stations are designed and accomplished to operate with two lines the other two being in stand-by: for units 4,5 and 6 two stations operating in series are also accomplished the first equipped with three Bagger pumps of 1085m3/h, 785kPa and second with three Bagger pumps of 1085 m3/h, 765kPa each operating also with two stand-by lines. Washing water pumps in the ash and slag circuit are located in the machine hall at -4,00m level. The hydraulic transport of the mixture is performed fraught five metallic pipes.

The water use for hydraulic transport odd ash and slag after clarifying in the storage it is catch by means of wells at a recirculation pumps station in the dam area. Water is directed then through pumping in two pipes at the washing station in the precinct with include five pumps of 900m3/h and 166,7kPa each.

  • Solid fuel handling plant
Deva TTP is the first Romanian power plant where the solid fuel handling plant has been performed with overground equipments and installations and equipped with continuos operation machines for coal handling.
The control and monitoring of coal handling operations are performed from the control room. The coals brought by wagons are unloaded on three overground platforms having a capacity of 22000 t/day and took over on belts by grab wheel machines traversable on rail-road; each machine has a capacity of 500 t/h. Coal storage consists of four overground piles having a total capacity of 530000to. Coal piling is done by means of a piling machines having a capacity of 400 t/h.
Coal taking over from storage is done by means of six grab wheel machines traversable on rail-road having each a capacity of 400 t/h. An unloading installation (tippler) having the effective capacity of 100 wagons/24hours. Is mounted for general use wagons unloading.  


  • Technical Data


Pp-660/140-P 55
Steam generating capacity t/h
Superheated steampressure/intermediate heated steam MPA/MPA
14,5 / 2,70
Steam temperature/after reheating oC/oC
540 / 540
Feed water temperature oC
Fuel:medium caloric value pit coal and natural gases,heavyoil for firing kJ/kg
15392/ 36400/ 38480
Efficiency (coal combustion) %

Rated power MW
Speed rpm
Steam temperature/after reheating oC/oC
535 / 535
Condenser pressure MPa
Number of regenerative bleed off stager

Rated output MW
Terminal Voltage kV
Cooling system



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